Have You Been Contacted by the State of Florida?

I received a letter from the State of Florida, signed by Jimmy Patronis, Chief Financial Officer, informing me the state is holding unclaimed money that belongs to me. Is this real?
Yes, it is real. The letter from CFO Patronis is an official mailing from our office. Click here to see an example of what you should have received. Click here to search our database of unclaimed property accounts to verify and claim the account(s) about which we notified you.

Contact or correspondence from any other source regarding unclaimed property is not from or affiliated with the State of Florida, Dept of Financial Services or Division of Unclaimed Property.

Pursuant to Section 717.139(1), Florida Statutes, "It is the public policy of the state to protect the interests of owners of unclaimed property. It is declared to be in the best interests of owners of unclaimed property that such owners receive the full amount of any unclaimed property without any fee."

Click here if you have a complaint regarding any private firm, company or individual who contacted you about unclaimed property, requested you sign a recovery agreement, or with whom you have signed an agreement.

It is important to note as explained below, certain private entitles are lawfully permitted to solicit owners of unclaimed property to assist in filing a claim for a fee.

Click here to see the required, exclusive Florida Unclaimed Property Recovery Agreement - the only agreement authorized by Section 717.135, Florida Statutes. Other than this one exclusive agreement, have you signed or been asked to sign any other authorization or agreement regarding unclaimed property (or lost, unknown or unclaimed "assets")? Please let us know if that is the case.

Did a private firm say they found money for you?

Is this legitimate and legal?
Yes, Florida law allows Florida licensed private investigators, CPAs and attorneys to register as "claimant's representatives." Through Florida public records laws, these entities gain access to our records and frequently contact owners or their heirs with solicitations to assist in the recovery for a fee. Click here to see a list of the private entities currently registered.

Is it necessary to pay an outside, private company to claim my funds?
No. The unclaimed property program is a free service provided by the State of Florida. You can claim the funds yourself directly with our office for free, or you can choose to pay a registered business entity to file a claim for you. Click here to search our database and print a claim form for any account(s) you believe you are entitled to claim.

Is there a limit on what these companies can charge?
Yes. Fees and costs are limited to a total maximum of up to 30%. Fees among "claimant's representatives" can and do vary widely, so you are encouraged to weigh all available options prior to making any decision regarding recovery of your funds.

I received solicitations from several companies and signed an Unclaimed Property Recovery Agreement. I then learned that I could file a claim just as easily on my own for free, directly with the state. Can I change it now?
Yes, you can still file a claim on your own, but it is important to note that the law states if more than one claim is received, we shall honor the one that is received first and that is "complete" by correctly establishing ownership and proof of entitlement to the funds.

I was told if I didn't act quickly, I could lose the right to claim my money. Is that true?
It is not true. There is no statute of limitations on unclaimed property in Florida. Account owners or their heirs can claim their funds indefinitely. This type of misrepresentation activity should be reported to us.

I received notice from a company that for a fee they will tell me if I have unclaimed money. Should I send them $ or provide credit card information?
No. You should not pay anyone any amount of money to do that. This type of activity should be reported. After getting your money, they will usually just refer you to this same website and/or the websites of other states' unclaimed property programs, which you can already search as much as you want for free. Click here to search Florida's unclaimed property database. Click here for links to other states' unclaimed property programs.